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With a walloping brand of high voltage psyche/stoner/punk & roll, newly forged female super-power trio L.A. Machina are an irresistibly formidable break-out force.

Consisting of three notable natural born rockers—the powerhouse singer-guitarist Michelle Balderrama (Brainspoon, Electric Children, The Darts US), equally high impact vocalist-bassist Suzi Moon (Turbulent Hearts, Civet) and high priestess of banging backbeat Rikki Styxx (Death Valley Girls, The Dollyrots, Two Tens, The Darts US)—L.A. Machina brings both gorgeously rendered, highly original songs and a supercharged appeal that’s already gained them significant traction.

The players all came into each others orbit at famed DTLA club The Redwood and quickly surrendered to the inevitability of this stellar alliance. The fast moving threesome’s intoxicating sound is brilliantly showcased with their debut single and video “Teenage Head” and now, very shortly after firing the band up, L.A. Machina already has both an Alternative Tentacles vinyl release slated and a spot on the Punk Rock Bowling festival’s Main Stage confirmed for 2020.

Expect a slew of radical, female empowering kicks aplenty from this tremendous new rock & roll asset. Their impressive underworld pedigree and wild, wild style (“We’re kinda like Josie & the Pussycats,” Moon says, “but with LSD and way more distortion”) collide with magnificent effect. Having managed all of this in just 4 weeks time, these high-flying, hard-hitting women are guaranteed to reach a dazzlingly stratospheric rock & roll altitude.

P.O. Box 419092
San Francisco, CA
94141-9092 USA
Email: LaMachinaBand@gmail.com